We have engaged with companies to increase Agile practical knowledge and have built capabilities within leaders, management and teams. Over a period of 12months, we facilitated engaging workshops with stakeholders going through an Agile adoption transformation and over 75% said they felt empowered to engage with each other and would recommend the course to colleagues in other companies. In our approach, we seek to understand each organisations context, strategy, objectives and drivers in the market place to create bespoke packages to deliver benefits.

William our Managing Partner has worked with clients in the banking and legal services sectors. He advised teams at all stages of the large-scale digital transformation, reviewing strategy, engaging the architecture team, solutions team and product management teams to use tools such as customer journey mapping, Horizon planning, work in progress management using the Kanban board. This has led to financial and cultural improvements to the bottom line.

Are you undergoing Agile adoption at a small or large scale? If yes send us an email and we’ll contact you to discuss how we can work together to develop capabilities within your organisation. 

We engage business in the following areas:

  1. Scaled Agile Framework
  2. Lean and Agile Techniques
  3. Business Leadership and strategy development
  4. Agile for Digital transformation
  5. Customer journey mapping
  6. Organisational Change management


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