Agile Business analysis for Professionals

Delivering organisational strategy requires the role of an effective business analyst to connect with all levels of management on the journey. The Agile Business Analyst Professional ABAP works with leadership in the development of strategy which is communicated to management. Management will derive operational plans and communicate this to their teams. Teams will strive to deliver the initiatives identified to help the organisation meet its number one objective of a “going concern”. The assumption that everyone in the business will align with the vision, mission, values and work collaboratively for the success of the business is a fad.

Hence, ABAP serves us  strategic bridge between the business and IT change to elicit requirements for initiatives using suitable investigative techniques. The skills used by the individual help uncover hidden agenda’s and also bring teams together.

The 4 day course covers

  1. Agile in the real world with practical examples
  2. Relevant business analysis techniques.

Outcome: You are well prepared to join teams and deliver effective SMART requirements with UML.