Korsgill Consulting

Founded in 2010, we have evolved over the years to Korsgill Technology, in 2013 we developed a new mission “to support and help drive organisations going through all stages of change implementation and provide training”. 
With our real world experience gained working with strategic, program, project and operational teams to deliver business benefits we identified transformation complexities adopting Agile methodologies, aligning strategic objectives and requirements management as the key problems to achieving business goals. Hence we have adopted nimble and swift responses “to get things done” using our experience and best practice to guide teams. Digital transformation, Business improvement and Strategy formulation are the core services we deliver and each initiative is approached as a unique endeavour.


To be on the cutting edge for change and help organisations drive worthwhile change using Technology and Lean process improvement.


We support and help drive organisations going through all stages of change implementation and provide creative training.


Customer first, Candour, Pursuit of Excellence, Celebrating success and Be the change.

Our team have years of experience leading and supporting organisations through the main phases of change. We align change initiatives to the strategic drivers of the organisation and seek to understand the present, past and future journeys of the organisation. The back story and the supporting data is rich information that we refine and preserve, with that information we prepare organisations to deal with the complex future and competition.